Art has always been a part of my Life, as a way of tapping into that mysterious 'Self' that exists intuitively. It lives and breathes inside of me, almost involuntarily, and has helped define who I am today.

At an early age, picking up the pencil was a natural, every day routine, as if it were necessity... like eating or sleeping. I learned about lines, shape and shadow through drawing; the fundamentals of how we view an object. But, it was not enough to capture the superficial aspects of what I was witnessing. Even then, I was acutely aware of something more profound than what the eyes could see and I was overwhelmed with the desire to depict its movement and the underlying essence of its form. It was inevitable for me to discover how light (and color) manipulate the shape of all things, and how the intensity of what we visually perceive can have such an emotional effect on us.

Gradually, all visible boundaries began to fade, and I found myself delving deeper into the realm of the sub-conscious, trying to give form to feelings. But the feelings could not be defined, not through any voice of reason. So I most often served as a tool, painting in a stream of consciousness (as writer's call it), allowing the artwork to manifest it's Self.

I wish I could say that my work had been a means of expressing my Life's experience... but I cannot (at least not directly). At best, it had been a source of meditation, and an unintentional journey of 'Self' discovery; many times, serving as an outlet for exploring curiosities, which (to me) had consequences too great to physically indulge in (such as sexual delight).

For a long time, I tried to convince myself that my work reflected my views of the world, as a tragic comedy. But, only through the eyes of my Muse, have I finally begun to understand the significance of my collective early work; that it was not my views, at all, that I portrayed... but my own human condition; the tragic comedy in me. She gave me a window into myself, from which I now see. And through her poetic miracle... I am no longer just a tool. I am a man reborn, everyday.